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from a guy who got Shafted by his Ex!

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So, Im Scott and I live in . I made this blog to share with you my crazy story of how I learned a dirty little Secret for a Bigger, Fatter, and Harder Dick.

Everything I'm about to tell you:
1. Really is a SECRET.
2. Not going to be available for a very long time.
3. Only released to a select few number of people.

The end may shock you.

My Ex Fucks My Best Friend who has a "Huge Monster Cock"!

I Hate My Ex Sarah! We went out for over a year and a few months ago I noticed she has been hanging out alot with my best friend Steve when I'm not around. I didn't think much of it at first but then I was hearing rumors form other friends.

So I decided to confront her and she fessed up! She said "I'm not gonna lie, yeah, I fucked him but it was just for the sex! He has such a Big Monster Cock and what girl wouldn't want to get with that?!".

Can you imagine that?! I was so furious I broke up with her but I felt so frustrated and used.

She wound up dating Steve for a while but he wound up fucking HER best friend! I was thinking about beating his ass but he actually did me a favor. I remember I saw his cock once at a sleepover and compared to mine, his Monster Cock was the size of a baby arm!

Sadly my cock peaks out at 6 inches :(.

The Experience That Motivated Me Forever!

Just recently my friend Kevin was showing me some cool porn sites and man, these Porn Star guys had Huge Monster Dicks! It brough back bad memories and reminding me of my small cock. Kevin explained to me that these Porn Star guys aren't born that way but use special techiques like a regular athlete would do to enhance their performance, but it's 100% safe, natural AND FREE, so I didn't have much to lose! I was going for it!

The Secret

He told me it was virtually possible for anyone to grow (at least) 2.5" inches in length and 1.5 inch in girth by following these 2 secret steps. These two steps work TOGETHER to give you results. That is the essential key. BINGO! That is the BIG Secret. You don't have much to lose because the products are practically free! (you just pay a measely $3 to $4 for shipping).


The first product is TestoFORCE, a natural supplement that boosts natural Testosterone Levels in your body - just what all those baseball players did to grow their muscles. Originally designed for athletes and body builders to build muscle fast, it is also now being used by pornstars for harder erections, better sexual performance, and stamina. Although it can be used to dramatically improve your sex life, you can also use it to build lean muscle in record time. But here's what they never told you - it works even better at growing your cock! However, it's not a complete formula, so it needs to be combined with STEP 2 (XENGTH) to get the full results.

FREE 30-Day Supply:
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The secret product is XENGTH X1 Advanced Formula, another natural supplement. This is a big secret the porn industry has been hiding for years, but people don't talk about it because they want to keep it to themselves! The program comes with a 30-day supply of penis enhancement pills. This combo was designed to increase the size of your penis by stretching and expanding the tissues and blood vessels in your penis. It delivers some of the most insane gains in length and girth found on the market...and it's safe!

When you take XENGTH Cock Growth pills, you will start seeing amazing improvement in your penis size in matter of weeks.

FREE 30-Day Supply:
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Update -- Don't forget to use these coupons!

Good news! Since I've been endorsing XENGTH and TestoFroce, I've asked the company to get me some coupon codes for you guys. You just have to cover the shipping cost (like $3 to $4). Basically they know you are going to like the stuff and want more so they're okay if you try it first. Use my affiliate links below to get the discount:

1) TestoFORCE Test booster Free Coupon: click here
2) XENGTH Cock Growth Free Coupon: click here

*Update: Since making this blog post, shipping costs have dropped even lower.

What's Next?

Compare Your Explosive Growth With Other Clever Viewers!

Use both of these secret products together! You just need to EXACTLY follow the directions they send you. I found it extremely easy to remember to take the supplements everyday. That's because I was really EXCITED about taking them.

The results came so fast that all I wanted to do was double up my dose. But I knew that I better not overdo it and to stick to the daily regimen because 4 weeks will fly by soo fast (which it did).

AAND also... don't forget to - take BEFORE and AFTER photos of your dick and body. Then you can come back over to this site in 4 weeks and post your SHOCKING results (and thank me for it! Haha).

Good Luck!

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I found this site through a forum, and now that I've had a chance to try it, I wanted to come back and say 1) thanks! and 2) WOW! THIS shit is like STEROIDS for my COCK!... I'm shocked to say the least. It's too bad you're giving away our little secret to the rest of these guys! haha ;)

Like - Reply - 12 hours ago
My buddy told me about this blog ...I finally got my order 1 week ago and it works freakin' great! Check out these pix...
PS. My gf couldn't be any happier... :)

Like - Reply - 12 hours ago
John Markovic
Coupons worked well. Paid $0 for both, only a small s&h fee applied. Thanks for the links dude!
84 Likes - Reply - 2 days ago
Hey dude! Here are my before/after pics I promised you. Thanks for all the email support you offered, sorry if I was getting on you nerves! As you can see, it really worked, and me and my GF are eternally grateful lol

131 Likes - Reply - 2 days ago
Congrats! :) I'm really glad that success stories such as yours are still pouring in... keep up the good work!
By the way... Welcome to the "club" ;)
33 Likes - Reply - 1 day ago
Ted Tomassian
+1 good post, an interesting read and a very encouraging story. I'd like to test them but do they ship to Vernon, UT?
Like - Reply - 2 days ago
Ryan Hall
They do! I ordered from both companies and they both shipped to Nome, AK. This is crazy. Not every company can affor to ship to my town where population is 3.5k... Respect for that
33 Likes - Reply - 1 day ago
I cant even recognize myself anymore. The XENGTHproducts is awesome. It gets you real ripped. Plus my dick grew. It's like ...getting plastic surgery on my entire body!! Haha...

Like - Reply - 12 hours ago
Jeff Shrew
This report is great. I got burned pretty bad this Spring with one of dick pill scams. It's nice to have ppl like you watching out for us.
Like - Reply - 15 hours ago
Steve E.
Xength has been around for years, they are the best in the market. I've not used them for a while but i have done in the past and i have attached my photo (this is over a year old) thankfully i'm still the same size today.

Like - Reply - 12 hours ago
Alon Budnik
I was very sceptical about all those PE things but your story is really encouraging. I'm going to try those 2 now. Thanks for the coupons man!
Like - Reply - 12 hours ago
James CW
Yo! This is a very nice research. Btw regarding the coupons, is this some sort of Groupon deal?
Like - Reply - 5 hours ago
John Klein
They are special 100% off coupons you dumbass
61 Likes - Reply -5 hours ago
James CW
Fuck you !
3 Likes - Reply - 4 hours ago
Phil Kohen
11 Likes - Reply - 2 hours ago
Admin Jason
GUYS stop fighting around and waisting your time. Get those shipping coupons instead. Both ends in less than 9 hours from now.
7 Likes - Reply - 23 minutes ago
Cost: FREE
Shipping: $8.95 $3.95
Cost: FREE
Shipping: $8.95 $3.95

Make sure to get both TestoFORCE and XENGTH X1 for maximum results
Follow these steps
Step 1: TestoFORCE in the morning
Step 2: XENGTH X1 at night
Important Must do both steps for my routine! Follow directions as indicated on package.

By adding these supplements to my routine, I finally got the results I was working for. Take 2 TestoFORCE tablets in the morning. Then also take XENGTH X1 at night. This is my "pornstar routine" key to success... so I highly recommend following it. Finally TestoFORCE and XENGTH X1 are safe, natural and effective. If you are anything like me, you don't want to risk your health by taking supplements... which is why I made sure to do my research on the safety of these products. Enjoy!

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